Examples of final outcomes from the digital creation process, some of which are featured in Sappho's Ghost. 

She is

who came

in black

She had

this cooled

beautiful thought, longing reminded by beauty

It went

black earth

went by

a crazy thing

We live the opposite from every care

lightly reminded of who is gone


You will remember an army on foot and the motion of light 

out of the unexpected

You will remember your sweet speaking

You will remember what you love

For she who overcame everyone in beauty

is the most beautiful thing on the black earth

Had she a thought?

on her face

the motion of light on her face

I say it is her lovely step

and the motion of light

Her lovely step out of the unexpected

Your sweet speaking shaking grips me all

When I look at you

I will lay down my limbs

an army of ships

for she who overcame everyone, me