In 2021 I commenced my PhD at the University of Technology Sydney researching virtual environments using queer theory(/ies). ​ My primary skill is being interested in things, including.....


​ Cyborgs / Magic / VR / AR / Technopaganism / The romance of baseball / Archives / Internet culture / Graffiti / Pop music ideologies / Professional wrestling mythologies / Gender and embodiment / Material feminism / Skateboarding / Camp aesthetics / Complex systems theory / Cities / Dirt / Memes / Risograph printing / Comics / Italo-disco / digital materiality 


CV / Current Ongoings:


Visual Communication context/history/theory, interaction design (especially with speculative &/or emergent technologies)


Spatialised memory, bodily inscription and phenomenological experiences in VR (w/ Dr Andrew Burrell & Agatha Gothe-Snape as part of EARPAW)

Counterfactual and/or layered histories in VR; interface design and digital humanities approaches to designing with VR and machine learning (w/ DR Andrew Burrell & Dr Rachel Hendery as part of Layered Horizons) 


Graduated in '18, First Class Honours from University of Technology Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (honours), combined w/ Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

Exchange year in Zaragoza, Spain in 2016 as part of my International Studies degree (my Spanish is super rusty now) 

If you have any advice for me or questions about my projects (or questions about your own projects / learnings / etc) feel free to shoot me a message!